Entertaining and Interactive best website for Consumer Products


In our effort to make the best website we are edging closer and closer to the world of science fiction and magic. The border between extreme science and magic is very thin and an interactive website aspires to transport the visitor to a realm of dreams. It cannot be denied that the only way to create the world’s best website is to involve all our senses. We should be able to touch, feel, see, smell and hear our products. The day is not far away when 4D televisions with adequate accessories will take us to places and things never imagined before. These will be the surround vision and sound websites of the future.

The new websites using sound, videos and animation are an experience in modern advertising. It is obvious here that we are seeing the development of a new genre of art. This is art for the development of the best website on any given subject. These are websites which open windows to amazing pictorial images relevant to the advertised subject. They just pull us in inside the computer.

In fact the future lies in touch screens, windows within windows and automatically read text. An example of this is the website which explores the locales for the miniseries Tinman. It is a fantastic journey through visuals created by nine different artists for the L Frank Baum character Tinman from the Wizard of Oz. Scenes within scenes within scenes lead us onto a fantastic visual delight. This would top the best website list for computer visuals.

Another candidate for the best website on interactive subjects is Waterlife pertaining to the Great Lakes in North America. It makes an impassioned plea through visuals to clean up the Great Lakes. It is amazing to discover that a hundred billion gallons of water evaporate from the Great Lakes each day. The industries based around the Great Lakes make the economy of the region only second to that of the United States of America.

A fantastic candidate for the best website in the interactive genre is Moodstream. This is a creation of Getty Images and is offered as a tool for web page designing with pictures and movies from the vast library of Getty Images. It is fun to explore this website.

Another awesome addition to this new kind of website is the one celebrating the fortieth anniversary of the Lunar landing by Apollo 11. It is called ‘We choose the Moon.’ It tracks the journey of Apollo 11 from the launch to the walk on the moon. It is a fantastic interactive visual extravaganza and thus a great runner for the best website award.

The next interactive website has been created by the California Milk Processor Board and gives a big thumbs up for milk. It has an interactive game in it and explains the need for drinking more milk in a humorous style. This is definitely a winner in the category of best website from a government organisation.