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Ukraine Dating Agency was founded by an Englishman living in Ukraine, who was tired of meeting with men from around the world and listening to their stories about 'scammers' and the high 'fees' charged by other agencies in Ukraine.


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The Development Tendency of Magnetic Sep
by Samantha
on August 9, 2012


Due to the rapid development of the mining business as well as the increased demand for mineral resources in production and construction, mining equipment manufacturing is also constantly expanding. In face of the situation where the mining production capacity is gradually expanding that the common equipment is difficult to adapt to, magnetic separator is committed to the research and production of innovative magnetic separation equipment.

The development of automation technology accelerates the industrial development, especially the increase in productivity. Therefore, Magnetic Separator needs strengthening its automation technology to meet the needs of the automated production of mining enterprises. Different from the ordinary belt conveyor, the main additional resistance of the permanent magnetic bulk ore separator comes from the eddy current generated by the simplified cutting magnetic field lines besides the slight increase of the mechanical resistance. The electromagnetic vortex has relationship with the thickness of the wall, speed of the belt and the strength of the magnetic field. The calculation of the ordinary design shows that the permanent magnetic bulk ore separator uses the motor of 45kw without considering the case of the eddy current. However, the motor of 55kw or larger power has to be used when the eddy current is considered. This design uses the electric motor of 55kw.

    With the development of social science and technology, the arising of high-performance permanent magnet materials, the gradual precision of technology, the promotion of assembly technology and the improvement and generalization of automatic control technology, the update of magnetic separation equipment needs accelerating combined with the actual needs of the mine production. The processing capacity of the CTDG-1220N bulk ore dry magnetic separator in up to 500t/h which is the permanent dry magnetic separator with he high processing capacity in China. In order to achieve this processing capacity, 2m wide belt should be used if the largest handling block is 75mm and the belt speed is enhanced to 2m/s. In this way, the thickness of the material on the belt is not more than 200mm to ensure the full load. Since the material is transported to the separator from a concave belt conveyor of 1.4m, serious accumulation of the ore will happen which will affect the sorting effect if active measures are not taken. Therefore, the design requirements that appropriate measures should be taken to ensure the uniformity of the fabric.


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